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"If you rearrange the letters in 'Elvis' you get 'Lives', coincident? I think not!" - Diehoser
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I don't like you because...
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1 you frowned my one liner(Rating : 3 Value : $150)
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2 a mans leg just should not bend in that direction(Rating : 2 Value : $30)
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1Liner #20835

3 You're fat/ugly/stupid/short/tall/smelly/sticky/red-haired/a woman/(Rating : 1 Value : $-680)
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1Liner #21375

4 ...of a sociogenetic predisposition - ah, why lie, it's because of that metre long green booger hanging from the caverns of your bulbous knobby nose.(Rating : 1 Value : $-1700)
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