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Things you shouldn't say to your mother-in-law...
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1 Man, I hope your daughter doesn't have those boobs when she's your age!(Rating : 5 Value : $-400)
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1Liner #20752

2 I got rid of the gonorrhea before I met your daughter, and we got rid of the crabs before we got married, but afterward....(Rating : 3 Value : $-280)
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1Liner #20779

3 Too bad menopause has made you put on all that weight - on the bright side, you'll be much more stable in a strong wind.(Rating : 3 Value : $-1280)
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1Liner #20770

4 Jail isn't as bad as people say, you know(Rating : 3 Value : $150)
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1Liner #20769

5 I only started dating your daughter to get close to you...that backfired(Rating : 3 Value : $120)
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1Liner #20831

6 As soon as she starts to look like you, she's gone.(Rating : 2 Value : $-480)
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1Liner #21132

7 I didn't mean *your* retarded baby!(Rating : 2 Value : $-950)
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1Liner #20916

8 We’ve posted the honeymoon video's on www.youporn.com.(Rating : 1 Value : $-600)
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